Slow fashion:

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.

Italian heart, international soul.

Sharing means taking care of people, the environment and the future. This is the spirit that gave way to the project Arkimedia for Ethics. The years spent producing straps have led us to look beyond, to interact with different realities and to ask ourselves questions on what our future will be.

A difficult but not impossible challenge that has brought us far to develop solid friendships with clients from all over Europe and meet all the changes that have taken place over the years.
Moments of great success and gratification have alternated with difficult moments, but always with a view to growth and to offer our clients a product that is reliable and 100% Made in Italy.

A 100% Italian heart throbs under our straps. Our goal has always been to give added value to each of our creations and to do so we avail of the best collaborators and technologies. This is why we have chosen to localise all our activities in Italy, making the best use of the precious resources our country offers.

We believe it is essential to express style, quality and innate sense of beauty through our work. To do so, we need to constantly invest in our territory and its inestimable cultural, artistic and scenic richness that has always made us the envy of the world.
Keeping all the various stages of the production chain in situ, from the creation to the completion of the finished product, has proven the best choice we could have made to hand down the prestige not only of our name but also of Italy to the world.

It is precisely through giving value to the internal resources, the professionalism and the creativity of our collaborators, the certified materials and the trust our partners have placed in us over the years, that our horizons have widened to make themselves increasingly global. This system is in perfect harmony with our mission because it is able to look at an international market but keep intact the characteristics of a product that is exclusively Italian.
Being local and global allows us to best express manual skills and the taste for beautiful things, crafted with love and meticulous attention, like those of an artisan workshop. The care to details and attention to personalisation are abilities that are deeply rooted in Arkimedia. Merged with the best modern technology, they transform our company into a large laboratory where everything magically comes to life under our very own eyes.

We attach importance to people, their abilities and their passions, well aware that it is only thanks to the contribution of each that we can export our products around the world. This is the way we are, with an Italian heart and an international soul.