Our values

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.


Arkimedia is synonymous with people. People armed with dedication and passion who come to the company every day to contribute their knowledge and experience. We know that nothing would be possible without our collaborators. A relationship of trust and esteem has built up over the years, which transcends the work activity and it is essential that everyone works with enthusiasm and satisfaction.

The people who work in Arkimedia are essential. Every day, they choose us and co-operate to achieve shared goals. Each strap produced undergoes different processes and control procedures that require expert hands and attentive eyes. Hours and hours are spent perfecting models that arrive to the world’s most prestigious watch companies and make thousands of loyal clients happy.

It is precisely for this sense of gratitude towards our collaborators that it seemed right and proper to offer them a friendly and stimulating environment, from a professional and personal perspective.

We examined various projects before finding the right proposal to translate our desires and, at the end, we were able to build our world. When we planned the current facility, of recent construction, we tried to design a space that would be as functional and as suited to the needs of all.
We all work in close contact with each other and there is no division between production, logistics and management. It seemed clear to us from the start that the facility had to be a large open space to allow everyone to work together in a peaceful and stimulating manner.

All the work is carried out in symbiosis and with a focus on transparency that is as transparent as the walls that separate the offices of the production zone. This facility was born in our own image and likeness because the achievement of the results can only be accomplished through teamwork and a relationship that is as transparent as possible. For us, the true pillars of the company are the people.

– Comfort & enjoyment

Moments of fun and relaxation are essential in a company. For us, it is necessary to make our collaborators live in a relaxed atmosphere and give them the possibility to work without stress and worry. We thought of dedicating them several relaxation areas with everything they need to give life to a pleasant and friendly environment, spaces designed to meet their needs where they can interact and exchange ideas.

It is not just a matter of improving productivity. Evidence shows that a comfortable environment improves the mood and consequently the work activity. For us, it is essential that each of our collaborators is proud to be part of our family and this also means being able to enjoy moments of relaxation in the company of friends and colleagues.
A team that acts as one, enhancing the talent of each player and making it available to the group, also needs moments that go beyond the working environment. It is precisely with this purpose in mind that we have decided to dedicate them a few days for team building. Days of leisure and relaxation, focused on sharing and fun that make the characteristics of each, including ourselves, emerge and strengthen relationships.