Our Philosophy

In order to look to the future, we have been inspired by the ancient philosophers and the moral principles we have inherited from the past. We have discovered a world of values, which we have drawn on, to give life to our ideal of business ethics.

In search of a universal ethic

We were inspired by Greek philosophy and its principles to build an ethical model of mutual respect and harmony to give life to our ideal of human and occupational behaviour.

Since days of old, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have reflected at length on the concepts related to ethics and on its fields of application. Ethics is born when the objective rules dictated by custom or religion are called in to question to rely on those posed by man and attributable to his needs. Opposing this relativistic thought, Socrates began to think and identify several principles, considered universal, able to regulate human behaviour.

It is starting from these principles that we have begun to reflect and investigate, in the hope of offering our successors a better world and with the intention of making the difference.

An ambitious but dutiful goal towards the earth and the people who populate it. For us, making the difference does not mean distinguishing ourselves from others but ensuring that everyone can live in a pleasant environment in balance and peace of mind.

Since we work with the tools that mark time, we know very well that it passes quickly. Forms change, attitudes change, the way of relating to each other changes. This is why it is important for us to ensure that certain values remain intact so that they can be handed down to future generations.

Our approach to work is based on shared values and on a sense of responsibility to others. It is part of a model that can be moulded, which aims at generating satisfaction between people, with the environment and with the products we offer to others.
To produce beauty and to satisfy the requests of clients we must be able to guarantee shared wellbeing, by respecting the environment that surrounds us and offers hospitality to us and our collaborators.

It is on the wave of this inexhaustible desire to improve ourselves that Arkimedia for Ethics was born. It is not a simple manifesto but a proper model to adopt, in work and in life. We focus on the person and their needs, without losing sight of the close relationship with the environmental and cultural heritage that we have inherited and must protect.