Our values

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.


Environmental sustainability is very dear to us. Our aspiration is to produce unique high quality products. Our mission is to do so with the utmost respect for the environment.


Each person, in their own way, should adopt choices that safeguard our planet. Our future depends on each choice we make and even the smallest insight becomes essential to protect the environment in a concrete and constant manner.

Being part of a community means more than sharing the same place and develop social relationships. Most of all, it means sharing the same thoughts and values which define the identity and story of the people who are part of it.

The future depends on each choice and being part of a community we want to safeguard the territory taking into account our company’s impact on the environment.

The attention we focus on our products is the same that we use to promote sustainable development and protect the ecosystem.
Analysis and control of energy consumption, reduction in the polluting impact of production, energy saving through cutting-edge technology and the recycling of materials are just some of the activities which are part of our business and environmental policy.
To be active in the ecological sector is a responsibility that we should all observe to defend and protect the beauty and the natural resources that surround us.

The success of a company is not measured by the riches it produces but by the happiness of its collaborators and the attention it focuses on the territory.