Our Philosophy

In order to look to the future, we have been inspired by the ancient philosophers and the moral principles we have inherited from the past. We have discovered a world of values, which we have drawn on, to give life to our ideal of business ethics.

Moral responsibility

Since the birth of Arkimedia it has been clear to us that our work had to transform itself into a mission: as a company and, above all, as individuals we are responsible for our actions and the consequences they have on the future of those who will come after us.

Every day, we race against time; we reach distant places and come into contact with different cultures and ideas that enrich us and leave deep teachings. Over the years, thanks also to our clients and partners, we have been able to discover new realities and forge friendships that are still a source of inexhaustible knowledge and pride for us. We have learnt a great deal, been inspired and forged our idea of company. What is important to us is shared wellbeing, ours, that of our collaborators and those who surround us.

In 1993, we decided to found not only a company but to give life to a specific ethical project that would regulate our actions and generate a series of principles to reflect our ideals. They are simple things, universal values, but which are very often forgotten about or postponed due to laziness or lack of drive.

Values for us are as essential as the hand of a watch. They shape our lives and determine choices and consequences. Values represent what is important for us in life, what moves our bodies and our spirit.

There are things that change over time, but certain values never change for us. This is why we have decided to commit ourselves, not only as a company, to concrete actions to satisfy those around us. No man is an island unto himself and not even, we, as a company, could continue as we have always done without the invaluable support of our collaborators.

We have a responsibility towards those who have always trusted in us and those who help us every day to produce straps that are exported all over the world.