Slow fashion:

a whole different fashion

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.

Manual skills and italian craftsmanship

We live in an extraordinarily rich country abounding in art, beauty, history and culture. Thanks to this natural inclination the world envies us for the unique style and unmistakable touch we succeed in impressing on everything we create.

A beauty that does not stop in the artworks of our illustrious predecessors, but continues thanks to the desire to keep the Italian tradition alive. Craftsmanship, manual skill, attention to detail and use of superior quality materials are the pride of many Italian companies which produce unique products every day that are requested abroad.

Each Arkimedia strap comes to life thanks to the experience acquired over the years and thanks to our intent to improve ourselves. We avail of the most modern technologies but we love tradition, we use cutting-edge tools but are strong believers of people and their ideas.


The strong point of our company has always been people. Every day, thanks to their manual skills and their creativity we strive to make ourselves known to the world and leave an indelible mark in their lives and ours.

Passion for beautiful things, the sense of aesthetics and manual skills are founding values to spread all over the world, achievable only thanks to continuous personal growth and unceasing work of research and experimentation. This process puts man at the centre: minds that create, hands that draw and make each single piece with passion and care.


Technology has become an irreplaceable support we deal with every day. It would be unthinkable not to use the advantages it offers us in every phase of our work, but we have chosen to always remain faithful to our desire to project ourselves into the future drawing on the values of the past.

It is necessary to communicate Italian excellence to the world, an excellence made of sacrifices, daily challenges, hopes and satisfactions. It is important that all those who approach the Italian product remain fascinated by it and won over by the story it protects and by the beauty it releases and we are committed to making this happen. We have chosen to do so by merging knowledge and techniques acquired in the past with the most innovative tools, to give life to experimental and unique products under all points of view.

This is precisely the meaning of Arkimedia for Ethics: a great laboratory where the mind and the hand of man meet to create straps with a contemporary feel, able to pass the test of time and respect the typical Italian tradition.