Our values

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.

Transparency and traceability

Elegance, creativity and value are what connects all our products. Designed specifically to be mounted on high range watches, our straps undergo detailed controls, from their creation to their completion.
An essential step is also that of traceability of the materials used to guarantee our clients maximum safety and highest quality.

For us, transparency means trust. Meticulous craftsmanship combined with the most sophisticated technologies is important, but not without special attention for the environment and animals.

Innovation must not be an end in itself. It must feed new challenges and projects to ensure total respect for all the treasures that populate our earth and make our existence unique. This is a challenge, which allows us to improve ourselves every day and make good use of all the riches available to us

An Arkimedia strap conceals values which are invisible to the naked eye but which are the beating heart of our activity. Experience in the sector and relationships with our clients over the years have allowed us to deepen our knowledge and to develop a strong sensitivity towards a number of themes.

We favour natural leather from Italian tanneries and for this reason we have chosen not to delocalise production but to invest all our resources in Italy to guarantee a product that is 100% Made in Italy.
The exotic leather we use to make our straps is rigorously selected and controlled to respect all the regulations, including the C.I.T.E.S. convention that regulates and protects the species of fauna and flora.

Product traceability is a very important aspect and it is precisely to offer maximum safety that we have created App Strap, an application for mobile devices. Thanks to a miniscule chip hidden inside the strap, it is able to provide all the details on the origin of the leather, on the batch of belonging and on the characteristics of the material used.

To be transparent is an obligation towards the clients and our duty towards the environment and those who populate it.