Slow fashion:

a whole different fashion

We express beauty and convey an unmistakable style, which is exported worldwide. Creativity, manual skill and tradition merge with new technologies to project us into the future, with the knowledge of the past.

Transparency and beauty

We love to create and spread beauty and could not do otherwise. Art is part of our culture and it is up to us to keep intact the prestige that has always made us proud of our country.

Italian excellence concerns more than renowned brands of fashion, good food, design or art. It is also born in small workshops, in start-ups and gives life to a variety of sublime products.
We have chosen to focus on the quality of products, on those who produce them and on the environment that surrounds us. To do so we have decided to be transparent and loyal with our partners, clients and collaborators. Since 1993, we have travelled thousands of kilometres, learnt new techniques and evolved along with the changes and progress that have followed each other over the years.
Along this ‘journey’, we have encountered other realities that have given us food for thought and moments of reflection. We have had many questions and doubts and found the answer in our choice to be ethical.

Arkimedia for Ethics wants to promote beauty worldwide, a beauty that besides being aesthetic must be ethical and to do so our work must also be ethical.

We have chosen to make our organisational model and our modus operandi transparent by certifying the different phases of the production process to create a balance between our conduct and the results to achieve.

We have continuously renewed ourselves to remain faithful to our roots and this has allowed us to accompany people over time, between beauty and uniqueness.