Our Philosophy

In order to look to the future, we have been inspired by the ancient philosophers and the moral principles we have inherited from the past. We have discovered a world of values, which we have drawn on, to give life to our ideal of business ethics.

“Some stories go beyond time and space, like those business stories that are born within families and continue through generations and traditions that remain unchanged”.

Arkimedia is the story of our family. A family who has always tried to transmit, responsibly and tenaciously, also through its own products, a world of values and principles able to govern relationships between people within the company.

Since 1993, the founding year of Arkimedia, many things have changed. The technology and the machinery, the trends and even our partners’ requests have changed. Even the way of communicating has changed over time, but we have always kept the desire to experiment and to offer our clients reliable quality products to take Italian excellence worldwide.

The name of our company is inspired by the great inventor and scientist Archimedes. With his same passion and intuitive spirit, we have decided to embark on a journey of continuous improvement where each strap produced is the result of commitment, research, creativity, and close collaboration.

Always travelling and on a continuous quest to discover different techniques and materials, we began our journey when technology and media were very different from what they are today. The goal of our work and the moral precepts that would have become an integral part of our company were clear from the outset.

– Details

Each strap created by Arkimedia is an exclusive piece and it is made ad hoc for the world’s most important watch companies. Precious materials and high quality finishes are the basis of our work to give life to unique accessories.

Our story has been handed down from father to son. Two generations joined by the invisible but solid thread that connects each family and with the shared goal of creating high quality items that satisfy our clients.

Piero, Dario, Riccardo and Leonardo: each strap encompasses the essence of our work, our story and our dedication. 

Arkimedia means not only continuous research and experimentation to offer high quality products, but also harmony and passion for what we do.

There are stories worth telling and we prefer to do it through our work.